STAC Technology ApS 

We are harvesting the thermal energy from District Heating Industry to make Cold Air.

STAC Technology decentralized cooling solutions are presently available in the range from 20 kW to MW capacity to District Heating power operators globally.

STAC Technology offer the global district energy operators an economical and efficient cooling concept that quickly can be implemented into the operators existing customer-base and distribution net.

STAC Technology's decentralized cooling solution is modular and scalable delivering solutions with MW capacity.

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STAC Technology's patent pending cooling solution is an easy add-on installation that can be retro-fitted to existing buildings or installed in new buildings that are connected to the district heating grid.

STAC Technology’s cooling concept provide for innovation in a range of products across many industrial sectors underpinning the shift to a greener economy.

Welcome and thank you for your interest in STAC Technology's decentralized cooling solution for the district heating and cooling industry.

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The global demand for cooling is predicted to double by 2050 due to higher average household incomes in emerging countries and due to the global heating causing a huge impact on carbon emissions.

STAC's cooling solution can reduce this future problem due to the use of plain water as the coolant - reducing and eventually eliminating carbon emission.

STAC Technology has chosen to put its invention to use by using the energy from District Heating hot water to make cooling.

District cooling in the traditional sense require big infrastructure investments in laying down very large pipe-lines in the ground to transport huge masses of cool water providing cooling. 

STAC Technology's decentralized cooling solution eliminate the need for such infrastructure investments.