STAC Technology is using District Heating hot water to provide 15 - 17° C cool air on location where there is a need for cooling.

District cooling in the traditional sense equals big investments in infrastructure laying down huge pipe-systems in the ground to transport huge masses of cool water that provide the cooling. 

STAC Technology's decentralized cooling solution for the District Heating industry use the existing district heating pipe-grid eliminating infrastructure investments.

Weekly presentations of STAC Technology's decentralized cooling system for the District Heating Power Industry. 

STAC Technology IPR solutions are presently available in the range from 20 kW to MW capacity to District Heating power operators globally.

STAC Technology offer the global district energy operators an economical and efficient cooling concept that quickly can be implemented into the operators existing customer-base and distribution net.

STAC Technology's decentralized cooling solution is modular and scalable delivering solutions with MW capacity.

STAC Technology's cooling solutions are capable of running on thermal energy from multiple sources such as:

Hot water from: district heating pipes, coal based energy, electricity, waste heat, bio mass energy, engine heat and more. 

STAC Technology’s cooling concept provide for innovation in a range of products across many industrial sectors underpinning the shift to a greener economy.

STAC Technology 

We are making Cold Air using Hot Water

STAC Technology

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